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Tieton Farm & Creamery is located in the beautiful Upper Yakima Valley, where we raise a diversity of animals and crops. We are a solar powered farm that is improving the land each year without the use of “artificial fertilizers and poisons”


beautiful view From our pasture in



Values and vision



Our Mission

Create unique cheeses from our healthy and loved animals while protecting the earth for future generations.


Our Vision

All farms will replace the mono-cropping model with a diversity of crops and animals, returning the earth to a healthy food-producing system.


— We are fighting global warming by using our farming methods,  the industrial food system is the biggest contributor to climate change. 

— We raise our own animals, and we raise a animals, and we raise a diversity of plants and animals to support healthy soil. No chemical inputs.

— We pasture our animals, moving them to fresh, yummy greens constantly.

— We do not waste; whey from cheese making is fed to the pigs and chickens, not sent down drains or off to chemical factories.

— We are the opposite of the industrial food model, we are a local food model. We grow and produce for local communities.

— We never buy milk from anyone. We are not transporting raw materials all over the world

— We source non-GMO feed from local farmers using sustainable farming practices.

— We do things by hand, not using machines whenever possible, such as hand pouring milk over machine pumping.

— We support local farms, local products and products made by democracies. 





February 2017, unusually heavy snow collapsed a Quonset-style barn.  Ruth was inside, with all of our goat mamas-to-be when the structure came down! Fortunately, no one was hurt.

The Quonset was built to house the animals until a true pole barn could be built. What was once a 5-year plan to take the farm to the next level is now a matter of our farm's very survival.  A new barn had to be up by the end of summer 2017.

Previously, 3 years before, this same barn caught fire. Many friends and neighbors helped to repair it just in time for winter 2016/2017. The tarp covering was very expensive, and it took us 2.5 years of savings to replace it. It was heartbreaking to see it all collapse months later.

We were in a mad scramble to clear snow, to cobble together temporary housing for over 50 new babies with their moms, and begin the new milking season. Finances were stretched to the limit, we were not sure we could survive losing the barn a second time.

Our superhero friends and neighbors in Tieton sponsored a Go Fund Me to raise the community barn, and save the farm and all that it represented. Thanks to our friends, our community, online and otherwise,  they raised 75 percent of the cost of the project and gave us a way to stay in business, while providing a home for our wonderful dairy herd. 



We remain overwhelmed by the kindness, generosity and good will that came with the financial and emotional support. We would not have survived this loss without it. Our hearts are forever in their debt.  The pictures are from our barn party celebrating these wonderful people.





People and life on the farm

Our village


We are extremely lucky that we found each other, found what we loved to do, found the right place, found the right people to do it with. We, the owners Ruth & Lori, have been in love with each other for over 20 years. We let love control everything. 

When you love, you respect: When you love the land, you won’t poison it. When you love your animals, you take care of them. When you love the people you work with, you want them to be successful. When you love what you do, you will do the best you can. And when you love your customers, you want them to have the best you can give.


WE ARE ...


Ruth - the herdswoman

Ruth comes from a long line of avid gardeners. Growing up in Wenatchee, she learned to love the idea of growing things from her Master Gardener father, Ray Babcock. 


Lori - the Cheesemaker

Lori's interest for artisan cheese making really took hold after living two years in the Haute Savoie region of France. It was a magical place where animals grazed on mountain grasses and milk was daily made into delicious cheeses. 


Manuel - the milk manager


Nancy - the Asst Cheesemaker


Ane - the asst herdwoman and web manager