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Tieton Farm & Creamery

Tieton Farm & Creamery is a small solar powered farm raising mostly dairy goats and sheep, we make cheese for you non-farmers who want to support responsible farming, fight global warming and eat delicious, chemical free food made by hand and not by machines.



As a farmstead creamery, we are taking care of the land and the animals that produce the milk for our cheeses. This gives us the highest quality milk and therefore the highest quality cheese. We do not buy milk that has to be transported or pasteurized multiple times. Cheese is an ancient food, and we want to stay as close to the origins as possible. Committed to sustainable farming, we never use any herbicides or pesticides. Instead, we build the soil with composting techniques and moving animals to new pastures often, eliminating confinement that requires antibiotics.

Our pastured pigs are fed the whey from the cheese production. Nothing is wasted, nothing is polluted and in fact, the land is improving each year.

On our farm we also raise grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, whey-fed pigs, and pastured free-range chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese.  The diversity of animals combined with our methods of intensive grazing, provides us with a way to produce food that respects the land and the animals and protects it for the future generations. 

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We have a zero carbon footprint on our raw material, just a lot of hoof prints! 


Our Farmstead cheeses



Farming is far from glamorous but it is glorious
— Ruth & Lori, Owner-farmers

Local farmstead

— Products made on-site, with our milk. Our animals feast on lush grass pastures in the beautiful Yakima Valley, and their milk is immediately made into cheese.

Responsible farming

— Sustainable, solar-powered and chemical-free farming practices, mindful of any cost to the environment.


Artisanal cheeses

— Small batches using handmade techniques. Our motto is quality over quantity!

Happy animals

— Grass-fed, free-roaming, healthy animals lovingly cared for. Our breeds are chosen for high butter-fat content, not high production.